Editor’s Note About this New Site

I am happy to have the weird job of being a biographer and web developer for Hraefn Wulfson, plus a devil’s advocate. Without any hesitation, I’m first urging you to become a collector of his artwork because everything he makes is so precise, so controlled and so beautifully articulated. These qualities alone are reasons to collect and live with art that captures moments of transcendence. His work is full of metaphysical, next-level ideas that are worth viewing, owning and talking about. 

I’m also urging you to join Hraefn during scheduled live gatherings because these events are full of performative, transformative moments that do not translate well to web copy, video or mere pictures. His knowledge of world history, his own story, plus his storytelling are pretty profound.

I have pressured Hraefn to tell me how he sees himself situated as an “experiencer” within a contemporary slush pile of “contactee” content now sweeping our globe. Now that more people than ever before are disclosing their experiences, we must further lump, split, clarify and interrogate these for the public. These stories interest me because I collect folklore and study narrative theory. My conversations with Hraefn usually settle around several important themes. 

First, one big difference between Hraefn and other experiencers is that he’s never encountered any grey aliens or lizard people (except through tv programs and films). His guys are… different. When they interact with him, they are big, tall beings, made of blue light. They sometimes make themselves “look” a bit like organic people, male and female. 

Additionally, Hraefn has never reported any “missing time” experiences, sleep paralysis, strange injuries on his body, nor does he think he’s ever been “abducted” or experimented on. All anal probe jokes aside (and trust me, we’ve made and laughed at sooo many over the years), his experiences juxtapose themselves against stories that so many others tell. When I badger him about “alien-human hybrid programs” or ask if he thinks he might be an “indigo child,” both often referred to by other researchers and contactees, he tells me he thinks, “it doesn’t work that way. At least not in my case”.

Instead, he says, “They’ve just put so much in my head. And I need to get it all out of my head”. 

Moreover, since his childhood, Hraefn’s encounters with these blue guys have always, overwhelmingly been positive. This is also something you don’t usually hear from people talking about their contact with extraterrestrials, and it is significant.

Finally, in our current landscape, I want to persuade you how cool and completely woke it is that aliens or ultraterrestrials, or whatever they are, have influenced an artist who can and needs to tell you some things through his work, as well as in person when he meets you.

If Hraefn were a mathematician or physicist, you’d be seeing an entirely different website and history of works here. The concepts he needs to convey could probably be expressed diversely in many fields through their associated languages- probably. But since contactees or experiencers are already as diverse a group as it gets, it’s fair to ask why. Regardless of any answer, which we may never get, we should be grateful that the pure math and science people don’t get to monopolize the entire subject or the way its discussion is framed.

In fact, if you’re here because you heard there would be some neat art to look at, you should ask yourself–  would you really want a giant, framed mathematical expression of quantum mechanics hanging in your living room? (Well, I know some of you would love it..). Or would you rather have something more artsy and differently cogitated there, drawing you in daily, inviting you to look again and again through a visual language that’s a bit mysterious in a different way, prompting you to ask the big questions. Something beautiful to look at that doesn’t clash with your sofa, doesn’t exclude the non-math people in your household and doesn’t arouse the suspicion of your in-laws and neighbors?

In collecting my thoughts over the years about how to approach any sort of honest press packet or web development for Hraefn, I’ve binged– on websites, books and films about contactees, UFOs- and now UAP. I’ve read the true believers as well as the debunkers. I’ve been bingeing nonstop, especially since November of 2020. That’s when the covid bullshit that wrecked our industry (where Hraefn and I worked as designers and fabricators together for ten years) finally spurred us to wriggle out from under our commercial lease on our main shop space in downtown Salt Lake City. 

The timing for this new project- Hraefn’s website- makes sense to me. Or at least now there’s a convenient window for it, even if unemployment is rather inconvenient. All of us were ready to get off that particular treadmill at our shop, always creating art and projects for our clients, too busy to do any personal work. An arrival of any new year always gets people heralding the cool new things to come, and this year is exceptional. In fact, 2020’s transformation into 2021 is on steroids. I see it everywhere.

So, Hraefn’s new website here joins the jolly, clamoring, current wave of gurus, artists, life coaches, manifestors and spiritual advisors out there pitching you right now about the importance of finding your “purpose” in life, how you should define and achieve “success,” plus how you should understand the universe and your particular experience in it. 

I am not exactly clear yet about how to describe or summarize Hraefn’s (or his blue friends’) overall thesis. In fact, I do not know if it is an all-encompassing one or if there are many that possibly nest together. Like you, I will also need to watch and listen as he interprets the messages he’s been given through his use of artistic line, shape, form, texture and color. But he has said recently, “I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing”. I translate this to mean he knows he needs to work full time now to get this stuff out of his head, into more artwork, and into the larger culture. 

With his events manager, Mike, and his agent, Mark, we will keep the pressure on him to produce.

Jennifer McGrew

January 9, 2021

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