2008 High Spirits-Acrylic On Birch Panel-24×48

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Hello and Welcome-

I’m Hraefn (it’s Anglo-Saxon, pronounced, ‘Raven’) Wulfson.

I’ve been an artist all my life, and finally had a website developed during what had to be the strangest, most tumultuous time we’ve ever been through. I’m talking about January of 2021.

At launch, the greeting here said, “Our world is changing. Can you feel it? Many of us are reevaluating our perspectives and letting go of things that no longer serve us. Thank you for joining me.

Well, I still feel the same way- and I’m glad you’re here.

“The Message” from my 1996 visitation.

A year or so before putting this website together, I came “out” as an “experiencer.”

So- there it was, out in public, for everyone to know.
Prior to this, I’d only revealed my encounters, which began when I was a child, to family, close friends and trusted associates.
One benefit of being “out” now is that I need to explain my art far less to people than I did before. And if anything, the subject material in my paintings generates even more conversation, which I consider to be a good thing for the world. Moreover, the subjects are so interesting to research and discuss, plus all conversations makes me think.

I have developing theories, predictions and intuitions about where all this “alien stuff” will take us.
I’m talking here about the worldwide surge in conversations and interest we’re having.

I develop these ideas, tinkering with them along with every brush stroke, asking more questions, as I work as an artist.
If you’re someone who is also compelled to ask strange and sometimes dangerous questions, I encourage you to buy some of my work and talk to me.

I’m sure we have a lot in common.

Hraefn Wulfson as Captain Ahab in “The Lament of Moby Dick”

“Back from the Dead” Knife FX shot / Props / Location Provided by Hraefn Wulfson / McGrew Studios

hraefn_wulfson | Instagram, Facebook, TikTok | Linktree