“The Oracle”
Reverend Hraefn Wulfson:
~ Accessing the Beyond- Assisting You with the Here and Now ~

Hraefn Wulfson is a mystic, clairvoyant and rune master based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Through rune readings and other personalized insight, he offers guidance to help you and your loved ones navigate life’s mysteries and complexities.

Hraefn’s lifetime study of runes is academic and personal, as well as artistic. He integrates the known history, art and etymology of runes with remaining mysteries and scholarly disagreements about their origins, evolutions and meanings.  He has developed unique discernment about rune forms and their occurrences because of his close studies as well as because of inscribing them for many years into many different kinds of materials.

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Hraefn has, since childhood, been a person who sees images and details about events and places (near or distant, in the past, present and future), without witnessing or hearing about them firsthand. Hearing essential phrases and key words uttered by deceased loved ones or others not physically present are experiences he’s also had from a young age.

The pronunciation of Hraefn (it’s Anglo-Saxon) is “Raven” .

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Hraefn Wulfson: 2008 High Spirits-Acrylic On Birch Panel-24×48

The Artist, Hraefn Wulfson:
~ Exploring Matters of High Spirituality ~
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“The Message” from Hraefn’s 1996 visitation.