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Rune Readings:
Not just for fans of Vikings, the Ásatrú community, or Norse history buffs-

Runes include ancient symbols and concepts, many of which originated in central Asia and then diffused into proto-Indo-European cultures. Some runes are related to folklore, some are related to seasons, and some are related to animals – even extinct animals! Runes embody the essences of many mythological stories and meanings related through certain trees, giants, the Norse creation myth, the Nine Worlds, Midgard, Yggdrasil- or Odin’s Horse, the World Tree, the Helm of Awe and more. Get ready to have your imaginative and mythological world expanded with a rune reading.

Hraefn’s lifetime study of runes is academic as well as artistic. He integrates the known history, art and etymology of runes with remaining mysteries and scholarly disagreements about their origins, evolutions and meanings.  He has developed unique discernment about rune forms and their occurrences because of his close studies as well as because of inscribing them for many years into many different kinds of materials.

In a world full of divination methods, a rune reading can be complementary (as in- a rune reading can “complete”) other processes you may have already experienced. For example, if you recently sat with another reader who analyzed your astrological chart or performed a tarot spread for you, a rune reading can then expand the ways you think about what you were told, shown or what you discovered during that process.

A rune reading opens a portal through which to view and reflect on the forces and choices confronting you now.

A rune reading provides unique perspectives on your personal and even business challenges, unlocking new opportunities for reflection, growth and healing.

As a medium or seer, Hraefn can engage with your deceased loved ones.

The things he can tell you will affirm private truths about people in your life who are no longer living. Hraefn can provide details about what you know intimately about their personalities, their quirks, habits, and your relationship with them. Many things Hraefn can sense or see may be painful to discuss for individuals and family members who are grieving or preparing themselves for loss.

He experiences sensations, visuals, sounds and insights about people, deceased loved ones, objects, places and even world events.
It’s happened to him since childhood. He began embracing these skills as an adult, rather than trying to wriggle away.

Not all topics are pleasant to discuss from Hraefn’s perspective, either. Nor are all the sensations that hit him.
These can happen at any time, and sometimes they prevent him from sleeping at night beyond your sessions together. Some sensations are painful ones. They often arrive in combinations of twinges or pains in his body, accompanied by sights and sounds. Sometimes these are unnerving, but they are always informative.

Sights most often appear before his mind’s eye, but some images he gets are just as clear as if a person or animal walked across a room in front of him.
Sometimes Hraefn jokes that he needs some type of ‘psychic Scotch Guard’ when he’s confronted by unpleasant entities, human or otherwise, so they won’t stick to him.

Often, after an intense experience or a long session with a client, he needs a day to recover!

Before engaging as a medium or clairvoyant with any new person experiencing the loss of a loved one, Hraefn performs a rune reading first.

Before reading, the only question that Hraefn will typically ask you is your name.
Your reading composes an initial picture of where things are for you.

Subjects who’ve experienced rune readings with Hraefn say:

Hraefn did my reading yesterday.
At the end he asked me how he did and I just said “that was weird” thanked him and left to get coffee. I just want to say I was pretty taken aback and still processing so that was the only thing that came to mind.

During the reading not a word came from my lips. I asked no questions and gave no insight to what I am dealing with. I wanted to see what he could do. While he gave me some good generic advise at first. Then he pulled some wildly specific and correct interpretations about my current life from the ether. I want to say I’m a very skeptical person. But I know that he is not full of it. Hraefn is legit. He said some things that only I know things I don’t share. He is good with those stones.

Christjen S.

I had a reading with Hraefn, my first reading ever, a week or two ago on a Sunday.

I wanted to share something that happened that week, related to something he saw.

So about three days after I saw him, I was folding laundry in my bedroom and my daughter was hanging out with me. She was on my bed just being her sweet self, we had music on. I had my back to her and I hear her go “Mom. What am I doing?? Look.” And I turn around and look at her and she’s doing that hand motion he told me that that woman he saw next to me was doing. That exact motion.

I didn’t know what to make of it when he did it in our reading because it didn’t hold any kind of significance- I didn’t have any association with that funky little wavy hand dance.

And the way my daughter was like “what am I doing?” – she dances all the time, she is wacky and funny. The way she asked that was as if that motion came out of her intuitively that prompted her to want me to look at it.

Emily G.

Holy moly! Holy cow! Holy wow!
I was extremely impressed with the reading. It was very very healing for me. The things he picked up on that I don’t reveal outwardly blew me away. I laughed, I cried…. it was magical and I felt like we were in our own bubble. Incredible! He’s a true Mystic and Sage.
Highly highly recommend….
(Bob just appeared in my predictive text….. how funny and cool is that…. inside joke)
Thank you Hraefn…..

Suzie P.

Fabulous experience
This was such a wonderful positive experience. It doesn’t matter what you are going through, having someone be able to help look at things in a much deeper level is amazing.

Alayna P.

Unreal and I’m stunned
I literally have NO idea how he knew about my toy giraffe that got lost under the porch when I was a child. I’ve only ever told a few close friends about this and about how I always had it wiht me when I could hear my mom and dad fighting back then when I hid in my room. So super freaky, but now I feel better that someone could see how scary and painful that was and talk to me about how it all relates to my life now. I’m blown away. Thank you Hraefn!

Jasper C.

Insights with Hraefn have Changed my Life
Spending time with Hraefn, and the insights he provided has changed my life!! The perspective Hraefn brings has helped me better understand not only some of life’s mysteries, but also provided clarity for my own personal path in this life. I can’t wait for my next appointment with Hraefn, and I’m excited to see what he will reveal next!

Mike B.

Thank you for the reading you gave Helen. It was spot on…
I’ve never seen Helen affected like that. She usually keeps herself in check and let’s things roll off her back. She carries the weight so It was nice for her to be validated and seen. Which is what we (you and I) do for others. So… thank you.

Suzie P.

I want to Thank Hraefn so much for the Amazing reading today!!!!
It was the most beautiful gift and Exactly what I was sent to him to hear
I want to Thank him for actually seeing ME SO CLEARLY!!!
It was truly Magical and HE IS SO GIFTED!!!
I’ll be coming to meet with him again for the message he needs to tell me once I’ve completely moved everything and I’m in my new place!!
It was a true honor and pleasure to meet someone so Powerfully Gifted!!
I cannot say “Thank YOU” enough for the truly spectacular reading he gave me!!!
I honestly have never met anyone as Magical as him!!!
I feel like the Universe conspired for our meeting and it was Fate!!! I’m So Grateful!!

Lena V.R.

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