Hraefn is a person who’s actually met some aliens, and this subject tends to make people ask questions once they hear that he’s had experiences.

He is sometimes asked to talk about these in podcasts & videos….

Guest and solo appearances, plus projects that Hraefn has produced:

Beginning of my monthly show with Rising From the Ashes Podcast.
This one’s a lengthy conversation in which I explain my lifelong studies and understanding of runes, plus my rationale for what runes actually represent, where they come from, and my push-back against much of the canonical doxa and propaganda related to them.
It even impressed my web developer.
My contact experiences didn’t include ‘abduction’, per se’. But I encourage you to give this a listen.

Miscellaneous videos (not alien-related:)

I play the captain here in this delightful, super creative project by Buie Entertainment.
I created the Knife FX shot and some props for this Buie Entertainment video, “Back from the Dead”. Location Provided by McGrew Studios.
I executive produced the first-ever motion picture adaptation of Robert Jordan’s famous Wheel of Time book series, a short film we called Flight from Shadow . It’s enjoying a huge renaissance in viewership and accolades (thanks in large part to Amazon’s recent series). Originally hosted at the now defunct channel, this video and its behind-the-scenes companion video can now be seen through the McGrew Studios youtube channel at .

The Wheel of 9 Production company was formed, with executive producer Hraefn Wulfson and coproducer Jennifer McGrew overseeing the film’s extensive preproduction. Our shops designed and crafted the costumes, sets, props, miniatures and practical effects. McGrews donated the workspace as well as funding to purchase the needed fabrics, leathers and costume materials plus lumber and hardware for sets and props construction.  Staff, interns, fellow artists and friends in our creative community donated many hours to build the film’s physical assets.  Dedicated, Utah-based filmmakers, actors and technical crew generously gave their time, expertise and equipment to this entire project! You can see the complete cast and crew credits on the film’s IMDB page here.

Our Flight From Shadow rough-cut debuted in February 2013 to excited audiences at Provo’s famous fantasy and speculative fiction literary conference, LTUE (Life, the Universe and Everything).
The final version of Flight from Shadow debuted on September 6, 2013 at Salt Lake Comic Con, along with  …And The Wheel Turned, the behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of the film.
Both of these films are non-monetized and free for everyone to enjoy and share!

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